lundi 15 juin 2015

"Le temps des cerises" Mers les bains. Giveaway

Hello friends!

It is "le temps des cerises"! On Saturday afternoon i made some cherry jam, as a friend of mine gave me a lot of cherries.
Look at the beautiful red color. I added some "Kirsh" liquor in it, which gives a good taste to the jam.
Yesterday, we went up to North, in the town of "Mers les bains".It is on the North Ouest french coast.I love these villas with bow windows, their colors contrasting with the northen skies.
Some are decorated with "Art Nouveau" mosaics
They all have a name
I particularly love that one.
Mers les bains is a nice place to visit, this is a nice sample of our patrimony that we must protect.
A "Royal Albert" blue and purple rose cup.

Then we came back through Dieppe and went to Pourville. I love this panorama.
This week as my blog will be 6 very soon, i will organise a give away.
I will send world wide... to be continued...

4 commentaires:

It's me a dit…

Have a Nice week Catherine love Ria...X!

June a dit…

Your trip up north looks so beautiful in your photos. I can dream that I live in one of those beautiful villas :))) They are so, so lovely Catherine! It was wonderful living in each of your photos, even for only a moment.
sending hugs...

Daniela a dit…

My dear Catherine
I'm so glad you're back after some time with such a wonderful post !
First of all I love this period of the year, I mean the beginning of Summer, just because we're far too busy with cherries: I do love to pick them up, to preserve them, making jam and ... to eat them just from the tree :) !!!

About your trip, I feel so fascinated by this lovely town I didn't know yet, your photographs are truly gorgeous !
I wish you to spend a joy-filled rest of your holiday, enjoy it as much as you can,
With love

heloisa de mesquita inoue a dit…

Por onde você anda? Quanto tempo sem postar! Saudades do seu bom gosto, beijos!