jeudi 9 avril 2015

Room makeover in progress.

Hello friends,
I have been busy theses weeks, redecorating a spare room. In fact this is the room my dogs stay in, when i go out. The little one Bandit has made lots of dammage and i had the idea to put ceramic on the wall, to prevent him to make " holes"! yes, he has been digging the walls.

This is an old chest of drawers, ( i hope he will not eat)
i have painted it and change the knobs.
Flowers and pots from  Ikea.

The door knobs picture is upside down, can't turn it?
these are porcelain from " bricorama" or the same at "Leroy Merlin"
the frames are from "Leroy Merlin"
i have painted one wall with " grey flamel"  and  one corner i have used white and grey bricks wallpaper.
I am making, white and grey toile small curtains, with white and grey dots hearts with a vintage " plumetis" monogramm found on E bay.
I have to make them and finish to paint a piece of furniture and one door...

 Let's have a rest for tonight!

5 commentaires:

It's me a dit…

Love the tree wall deco' the paper sac and the from me Ria...x!

Daniela a dit…

Good morning dear Catherine,
yours is the same reason why I've been quite far from the web and from you all during the last fortnight, we've restored another old room we're going to rent ... oh my, so much work to do, but when we arrive to the end and think that it was worth, always feel relieved and happy, don't we ?
Congrats on your tasteful works, as usual, and good work if you havent't still finished yet.
Have a lovely end of the week
Sending love

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

You are making such good progress and it all looks lovely. I am still working on my guest bedroom...I hope to get it finished soon I started it seven months ago and got distracted through the holidays, it is definitely time to get it finished.

Madelief a dit…

It all looks lovely Catherine!

Madelief x

Vimax a dit…

nice post, thanks for sharing