mercredi 11 mars 2015

Spring is in the air...

Hello friends,
Spring is in the air and it inspired me! 
I will make new lampsades this afternoon.
Soon, a new makeover...a big one this time, my kitchen makeover. This morning, i have tried the "Liberon" grey paint inside a door.
Wishing you a lovely day.

6 commentaires:

lory a dit…

beautiful!!!!!! hugs Lory

Daniela a dit…

What joyful images, you really make us feel so glad watching your photographs, thank you dear Catherine !
Have a happy continuation of the week
sending hugs

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

What pretty pictures and a kitchen remodel...very exciting!

Alessandra a dit…

Oh...wonderful pictures and creations! Spring is in your cozy home with these such beautiful decors

Draffin Bears a dit…

Hi Catherine,

How lovely that Spring is in the air.
Have fun making the lamp shades and love the colour you have chosen for the kitchen.
Hope you are enjoying the weekend

Victorian1885 a dit…

Lovely photos... I look forward to seeing your kitchen cabinets painted. ; )
Have a great Sunday.