samedi 7 mars 2015

Sassetot le Mauconduit, Sissi's castle.

Hello friends,

Let me show you a very romantic place, Sissi's castle in Normandy where she stayed by the sea.

can you imagine her behind the window?
This is a hotel and restaurant and i may spend my Birthday there next month.
But, tomorow, is a special day. My son's 27th Birthday.
Happy Birthday Romain! 

far from me in Dubai.

6 commentaires:

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

What a lovely place to romantic. And, a very Happy Birthday to your son!

Vagabonde a dit…

I just found your blog – it is lovely. That must have been re-enactment at the castle, with the ladies in period costumes? Here (Georgia) last summer I went to a couple of plantation houses where they also had re-enactment for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and it was fascinating.

Alessandra a dit…

This is a such romantic place! I can see Sissi walking in the beautiful garden.Happy Birthday to your son!

Daniela a dit…

Very Happy Birthday to your son and have a nice holiday ... that's such a lovely place where spending some spare time and get some relax !
Have a wonderful new week

Vimax a dit…

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Celana Hernia a dit…

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