lundi 16 mars 2015

New brocante finds and new handmade lampshades.

My six new lampshades are finished!
My Sunday finds. This little jug
Flowers from the garden with Bandit, my Jack Parson Russel.
A vintage box
and a rose perfumed candle.I wish you a good week.

5 commentaires:

Anita Diaz a dit…

Those lampshades are gorgeous!! Beautiful Catherine!

June a dit…

Little Bandit looks so cute Catherine, as does that little pitcher you found.
I love the lampshades you made pretty. I also LOVED the little floral garland you have hanging from your light. It is lovely.
I hope your week is wonderful!

Alessandra a dit…

Your finds are such beautiful and the lampshades are gorgeous, so shabby..i really love them.

Daniela a dit…

What a stunning post, everything is so enchanting and fabulous !
I wish you all the best for this Sunday and the new week ahead, sending love and thankfulness

Silvia a dit…

I Hope you are well, your Bandit is lovely and beautiful....I love your home style.
Kiss Silvia