mardi 17 mars 2015

Hand made Easter decoration.

I saw in a magazine, "Marie Claire Idees" this Easter decoration.I took the idea of the egg box, but did my own decor.
I used a paper napkin and paper glue.
But first, i painted it with a chalky finish paint.
I did the same on the box lid.
We are having sun today, i hope you are having some as well! I wish you a good day.

7 commentaires:

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

How pretty this is! What a lovely Easter decoration.

Alessandra a dit…

Ohh... very well done! A such gorgeous and romantic transformation of the eggs box! Very adorable in every single detail.

Sylvia a dit…

So creative ... what a wonderful decoration, Catherine !
Have a nice weekend,

Daniela a dit…

My dear friend,
your creativity goes on surprising and enchanting me, thank you !
Have a wonderful Sunday

semenax a dit…

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