jeudi 9 octobre 2014

My busy Summer.

Hello friends,
It have been a long time absent from my blog. I visited your blogs, but had no time to leave any comment...Now, i will have to catch up!
This summer, i went to a few flea markets and found this young girl statue
This vintage child bath
This vintage embroided underwear
This Napoléon III chair. I must get the green paint off and change the fabric of the sitting.
This is the fabric i chose.
Have painted these horns white
and covered the wood with paper... from my grocery shop!
crocheted some afghans when i was not too well.
found this vintage english wooden box , now full of dried flowers
angels waiting for a home made lampshade
a white painted table planter full of dried roses from the garden
the last roses from the garden.
Have a nice Fall and see you soon!

4 commentaires:

Alessandra a dit…

Happy to be here again...welcome back! Your finds are just gorgeous and very precious. The chair, the angels are my favourite.

Leslie a dit…

Welcome back Catherine. Those are some great finds!! I love the wooden box.
Happy Fall to you dear friend.

Pétales de fée a dit…

Coucou mon amie Catherine ! Heureuse de te lire à nouveau !
J'aime tes trouvailles de l'été, cette baignoire en zinc et cette robe si délicatement brodée et tous ces objets charmants ! J'espère que tout va bien pour toi. Je t'embrasse et te dis à bientôt.
La fée cloche-pied !

It's me a dit…

Glad to read a post from you...!!...what a beautiful stuff you found...have a Nice day....and do not stay That Ria...x!