jeudi 14 août 2014

New shower roommakeover

Hello friends,

I was busy and not on blogland for a time. But, i had to look after my new puppy...who is a "Jack parson russel"... it is to say, very intelligent, but also
very "speedy" if i can say that...
He is now a big boy of  eight and is a little more calm!!!

I also had my new shower room makeover. I forgot to take the before picture, but it was a 70's shower room, with a "nice" brown colour you know what i mean???
Here, it is! a black and white METRO shower room. As we want to sell our house, better renew it for the newcomers in their 30's!
I have a little more paint to do , but not much
I chose three colours, white, black and grey. They are not usually my favorite colours, but as there is more white it gives a lot of light.
and i made 45 jam jars for the winter!
in vintage jars!
and they did the harvest, so i must clean all my windows!
I also relooked a miror, painted some old suitcases...I will show you next time.
I hope, you are all well and having nice summer holidays!

8 commentaires:

leon 10 a dit…

oh what a beautiful bathroom very pretty and a lot of jam jars wow you have been very bussy love the jack russel

Tretswelt a dit…

Hei Catherine...ich vermisse dich und möchte Sommer grüße aus Germany schicken.Bussi.Luciene.

June a dit…

You have been so busy dear Catherine. I love the new bathroom! Whoever buys your home will love what you have done too.
I think it is so great that you got your jam canned and put up to enjoy in winter. I haven't done any this summer and am going to miss it I know.
sending hugs...

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

Your bathroom is beautiful! You did a wonderful job.

How cute you dog is, I know that this breed is very active, but I am sure he is lots of fun!

Pétales de fée a dit…

Bonjour ma chère Catherine,
j'aime vraiment beaucoup ta salle de bain en noir et blanc avec ce carrelage métro qui a tant de charme !J'espère que tu vas bien et que malgré la pluie de l'été, tu auras bien profité de cette saison. Je t'embrasse

classesncamps a dit…

You have done a fantastic job. Bathroom is looking very cool.
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Flat Creek Farm a dit…

Hi there! I've missed you! This shower room is simply beautiful.. I love it. And your Jack Russell puppy.. adorable. We have a Jack Russell and she is almost 13 years young.. and still pretty energetic ;) You have certainly been busy! Hope to "see" you again soon! -Tammy

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Beautiful bathroom.
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