mercredi 12 mars 2014

Spring day... Spring cake!

Hello  friends!

While baby dog is sleeping...I made my Spring yoghurt and chicory cake.
Use one plain yoghurt.
One yoghurt, use the yoghurt jar as measure.
3 eggs
2 pots of sugar
1 pot of oil ( i use melted butter...aren't we in Normandy!)
3 pots of flour
1 paquet (alsa) baking powder
and a soup spoon of liquid chicory.

(last week, i added tined  pine apple cut into small pieces and dried coconut instead of chicory) and it was delicious.
Bake 30 mn , preheated oven 200°C.

Bon appétit!

11 commentaires:

leon10 a dit…

looks very pretty thank you for the recipe

Alessandra a dit…

Yummy, yummy! Thanks for the delicious recipe. The cake looks very pretty.

Linda a dit…

Oh, I love the cake tin! Thanks for the recipe. How many gr./ml in the yoghurt pot? Linda@Wetcreek Blog

Kom Achterom a dit…

ooh nice!!! i take a bite! hahahah
lovely week

Silvia a dit…

Catherine your cake is too beautiful to eat.Kiss Silvia

Madelief a dit…

Your cake looks delicious Catherine! The daffodils from your garden look enchanting!

Madelief x

Catherine a dit…

Catherine your cake looks so wonderful! Lovely lovely!
Happy spring!
xo Catherine

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder a dit…

Dearest Catherine,
Baked goods look always better in such forms with a flower...

Sharon Chapman a dit…

Oh yummmy!

Pétales de fée a dit…

Oh génial Catherine ! Ce gâteau est si beau que je n'aurais certainement pas envie de le couper ! Bon week-end à toi. Bisous

Katarzyna a dit…

Www, very nice;))