lundi 24 mars 2014

Paraffin wax roses and my Spring garden. Easter decoration with cup and saucer

Easter and Spring decoration

Hello friends,

This weekend, I used paraffin wax to keep roses for a long time! i had learned this technic when i was young...younger.

I melt paraffin wax in an old saucepan, leave it to cool a little and plunge quickly, turning the flower on all sides into the wax. Leave it to cool the flower down and let it dry.
Spring in the garden. A belated Happy Spring!
I am still very busy with the puppy, going to the vet tomorow for his injections and trying to keep him calm...But, now he is sleeping well with my other dog, so i can sleep all night!
My internet connection is not working propely, so i hope i can still post.

6 commentaires:

lory a dit…

happy spring!!!!! kiss Lory

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

I have never heard of dipping roses in wax, I will definitely give it a try, it sound very interesting.

Alessandra a dit…

I've never seen this technic, so beautiful! Your easter decors are very adorable and i love your garden!

Catherine a dit…

Such beautiful images Catherine! It looks like you are enjoying spring - lovely!
xo Catherine

Pétales de fée a dit…

Extra cette façon de prolonger la beauté d'une fleur dans la paraffine !
Une très bonne idée. Ce bouquet de roses blanches illuminé par le soleil est comme une apparition ! Bisous

Silvia a dit…

Happy spring, you love really Spring and your flower are so beautiful. A kiss to your pets. Silvia