vendredi 21 février 2014

Room with a view...on the church!

Hello friends,

Today, we have a sunny morning... it won't last for long, more rain this afternoon!
This is a view from my bedroom, a view on the village church, quite nice...But unfortunately this morning, we had chemical fertilizer again and again, it starts with Spring. Then it will be pesticides every two weeks. I close the windows, but it stays for long in the air and it is certainly not good for our health!We went to the country for a better air...
Better speak about decoration! a few weeks ago, i found this cushion in a shop.
I framed this vintage ambroided monogram.
Vintage and new teddies
He is used by a child's cuddles, has been repaired mamy times.
ThisYardley vintage soap dish, which i now use for my rings.
part of our garden in winter
my dog is buried at the back of the photo and this weekend we are going to make a little flower bed ( we use to do that in my family, just to remember them)
This Sunday will be very sunny, so it will be nice to have fresh air.
Good weekend to you.

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Alessandra a dit…

You live in a wonderful lucky you are! Places like yours are only in my dreams. The monograms are very beautiful in those frames.