dimanche 9 février 2014

Norman Abbey and church architecture.

Hello friends,
Today, let me share with you one of my favorite place in Normandy, Jumièges' Abbey.Last Sunday, we had a little sunshine and blue sky, so it was an oportunity for a picture!
It has been destroyed by the Vikings, then rebuilt by themselves after their conversion to Catholicism and then desyroyed by the french revolutionaries.
In fact, this Abbey is close to the River Seine and on these days, it is going over it's banks and we went to see the floods.
see how dirty it is!!!
I did not took pictures of the numerous  plastic bottles ...
This is the way to what we call " the fruit road". Lots of apple tress, pears, cherries, plums... at this time of year, the last apples sold on the raod side.
We were in " Caudebec en Caux " and this is what we call "the baillage" the place they paid taxes in the Middle Age.
This is the front door.
floods again on our way back!

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Linda a dit…

Magnificent and charming. I love Normandy and Brittany since I took 20 school trips with my students back in the 80's and 90's. Linda@Wetcreek and Wetcreek Museum Blogs

Alessandra a dit…

Thanks for sharing these dreamy places. The abbey is marvellous, i adore every detail.

Kom Achterom a dit…

it is big and beautyful!!! hahahaha
so nice the normandy i would like to come over but it is the end of the wold for me. But i have your beautiful pictures.
happy week

leon10 a dit…

what a beautyfull abbey love the stainded glass windows

June a dit…

How amazing this is dear Catherine. The Abbey is so beautiful. The architecture is breathtaking!!!