vendredi 14 février 2014

Next craft, heart curtain.

Hello friends,

On this Valentine day, let me show you my new project. These curtains for my new craft room. I have already chosen the wall paper (very light grey and white)
I will use these fabrics.
I found the idea in this magazine. I have to make four of them.
Today, i am going to the vet for the third time, with my six year old Parson Russel. She became blind few months ago. But now she suddenly lost weight, had high fever and does not eat much. I had  done all the exams we could do, but don't find what's wrong! I am nursing her for more than a week now and she does not look better. She has antibiotic treatment... i am afraid she has a brain problem.The house is very quite now, as you know how big place takes a Russel in the house.I keep busy and cuddle her as much as i can.

4 commentaires:

Jacqui Wise a dit…

Beautiful heart curtain. What a lovely idea. Sorry to hear about your dog. It must be a very worrying time for you. I do hope her health improves soon.

Matilda a dit…

Precioso trabajo ,una entrada linda,feliz día de San Valentín,besos

Alessandra a dit…

Oh..i'm so sorry for your dog! The curtain is marvellous and the fabric too. Also the grey fabrics you chose are gorgeous

Beth a dit…

The curtains look lovely. Hope everything went well at the vet appointment.