mercredi 19 février 2014

Dear friends, THANK YOU !

First of all, thank you very much for your kind coments. This helps a lot to know poeple who loves their pets as i do.
Thank you again.
Today, i tried to keep busy as much as i could and i learned how to make  Popcorn flower Granny squares.
I went to get colourful wool and this is the result.
It was not easy, but at least it took me long.
and used Martha Stewart craft edge punch.

I will have to look after my other dog who is very sad today, feeling very lonely.
Thank you again and see you soon. Catherine

3 commentaires:

Madelief a dit…

So sorry to hear about your sweet dog Catherine. Such a great loss. Thinking of you.

A big hug,


Love your granny squares! x

Alessandra a dit…

So beautiful! Create is a right way feel better.
Big, big hugs

Twinkle Terrior a dit…

It looks pretty ! Good to stay busy -and Brindille would not want you to stay sad ... they live to want us to be happy. The fur-babies are God's gift and love for us here on earth :) ox