jeudi 5 décembre 2013

Christmas craft

Hello friends,
What to do with a vintage cake tin? a vintage frame. I photocopied a vintage photo of mine, used a small paper doily.
I think i will hang them with a piece of old lace.
I have also made some small angel wings.
and dried oranges.
found on E bay a vintage sewing box full of vintage lace.

I will continue my baking and i wish you a lovely day!

6 commentaires:

Rosetta Di Leo a dit…

Hai creato delle cose vintage-romantiche!Tutto dolce!Buona giornata,Rosetta

Catherine a dit…

So many pretty decorations Catherine! Lovely!
xo Catherine

La Maison a dit…

Dear Catherine you gave me a lot of inspiration thanx.


helena frontini a dit…

Fantastic ideas!

Jeri Landers a dit…

I have not been here in a while,it is as lovely as ever. I like what you did with the oranges slices, I dry them each year but have never used them with doilies.

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie a dit…

I love your old photo idea in the old tins! I think you're a genius!! I have some old small jello molds somewhere that would look so fabulous on my Christmas tree with my loved ones in them. Thank you so much for the idea!

You have a lovely blog. Please stop by to see what we've been doing for Christmas this year... we'd love to sip some tea with your!

Blessings, Edie Marie