jeudi 17 octobre 2013

vintage baking tins, decoration.

Hello friends,
My new project is finished! 
In fact, i all glued with strong glue...But it was very heavy and suddenly the big tray fall! i had to fix it with nails and glue. This is what it looks like from outside.
This was before everything came off!
in this cupboard are all my baking tins.
I hope, it won't come off during the night! never know!

4 commentaires:

Kom Achterom a dit…

sooo nice!!
Happy evening

Noelle the dreamer a dit…

Certainment different et je croise mes doigts que les formes restent attaches.
Toutefois...Oh, toutes les petites Madeleines que je pourrais faire avec une forme a cette measure...
Merci de partager! Bonne season!

Petite Chambre Brocante a dit…

Hi Catherine, your cupboard looks gorgeous with all your baking tins.
You are full of original idea´s!!
I cross my fingers for you, that it won't come off during the night:)

Hugs Anna

Alessandra a dit…

Very, very original and gorgeous! Your idea is great.