samedi 19 octobre 2013

Paper butterflies with Amaretti papers.

When i went to Rome in May, i bought some delicious Amaretti. They are wrapped in beautiful pastel colours, so i always keep them...and yesterday, i had an idea how to use them...why not transforming them in butterflies?

and my e bay find
a vintage sewing basket full of nice things! and some presents!

5 commentaires:

Alessandra a dit…

Your butterflies are adorable! You did a great recycling with the paper of amaretti.

helena frontini a dit…

So beautiful! Nice weekend.

Annalisa a dit…

What a beautiful creation you made!
Hugs and have a lovely weekend,

Silvia a dit…

Dear Catherine, I hope you're feeling better.
Thanks for the nice words, made ​​me happy.
I'm very glad you spend crocheting, is a wonderful art.
Admiring your beautiful pictures and cute works, I greet you. kisses.Silvia

Silvie a dit…

Wunderfull soft and fluffy....I can see them in the wind.
Great work