mercredi 16 octobre 2013

Idea of the day, inspiration...

Hello friends,
This is my craft of the day!making a cushion with a grain sack, a coffe sack...
A real one i found coffe inside...
This will go in my son's room, where i am doing some changes befor he arrives for Christmas from Dubai , where he has already been living there for two years next month.
Yesterday, i have been painting one of my kitchen furniture.As you can see, the paint was drying...
Testing the color before i paint all the kitchen cabinets!
in fact it is a light grey.
At the back, i will fix vintage cake tins and the big madeleines tray i bought two weeks ago.This one.

I am thinking on how to fix it?
and small ones on the sides.
This afternoon, a new idea! show you soon. Have a good day.

6 commentaires:

Anita a dit…

Beautiful grey color, and the madeleines tray is just wonderful:-)

Linda a dit…

Love the gray. Can't wait to see your arrangement with the tray and molds. Toujours, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

Peter Wennink a dit…

haha nice colour i have paint the kitchen to in grey from painting the past its call moss soo nice it looks bigger in my house.
OOh de madeline soo nice love it!
happy week

Alessandra a dit…

I love the grey. I' mlooking forward to seeing your next creations..i'm very curious!

Petite Chambre Brocante a dit…

Hi Catherine, you are working so hard, the kitchen looks beautiful in the new color.
I love the idea making a cushion out of a grain sack :)

Hugs Anna

Catherine a dit…

I like what you are doing - so beautiful!
How wonderful to have your son home for Christmas. I bet you are excited.

xo Catherine