vendredi 20 septembre 2013

Wedding souvenirs.

Hello friends,
Today, let me show you one of my vintage decoration. A globe which was keeping all the wedding souvenirs. I have to get a vintage wedding  veil and a vintage wedding photo. The head crown was mine, but i soon will get a real vintage one on e bay( i hope)
I really love it. It is my husband gift for our first date   30 years ago!

Zauber garten, this is a shop in Germany, where fabric transfer .
I have putone on a vintage pillow cover.
and i dyed some old fabric. Yesterday, i dyed a table cloth in light pink and will do the tablecloth soon. The best ones are kept in white, but the ordinary ones are dyed. I expericence new colours, so fun to seethe result.
Wishing you a lovely Wednesday.

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Linda a dit…

I love the idea of dyeing the old tablecloth. Then maybe I would use mine instead of storing them away in the dark cupboards. Thanks for following me ;). Linda@Wetcreek Blog. I also have a Wetcreek Museum Blog you might like.

Sylvia a dit…

Lovely wedding souvenirs, Catherine, your head crown is wonderful !
So sweet of your husband !
Nice day,

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) a dit…

Hi Catherine,
I have missed you my friend! :(
Hope you are doing well.
Thanks for sharing photos of your wedding souvenirs. I really enjoyed seeing your lovely photos of the Chateau!
I have uploaded a doll to my blog. If you have a minute please stop by and leave a comment. :)

*Maristella* a dit…

Hi Catherine.
Best wishes for your anniversary, lovely wedding souvenirs!
Our was 13 September, 33 Years ...
my god, how many years have passed! ;o))
A hug, *Maristella*.
(with translator)

Bleudelavande a dit…

Ooohhh such lovely souvenirs!
Nice weekend.

polkadotpeticoat a dit…

Beautiful the cushion!

Petite Chambre Brocante a dit…

Hi Catherine, what lovely wedding beautiful !!
The tablecloth turned out wonderful, such a splendid idea :)

Hugs Anna

Pétales de fée a dit…

Bonjour ma chère Catherine
je suis heureuse de retrouver ton univers vintage et charmant. Ce globe est très beau mais je fonds complètement pour les broderies (surtout l'oiseau) la teinture les rend encore plus belles je trouve !
Bisous et belle journée à toi !

Daniela a dit…

Good morning Catherine,
I've just discovered your sweet corner and i think it to be really woderful <3!
Have a lovely day !!