mardi 10 septembre 2013

Beautiful Autumn.

Hello friends,

We are having an Autumn weather already, but a nice September.
I don't have much flowers blooming in the garden, but i have some on this  vintage daisy tea cup! I love the pale blue and pink colours. The cup and saucer have a flower shape, which i have never seen before.
This is a "Digoin  "and it is numbered.
Autumn landscape with this wall ceramic.
I wish you all a nice Autumn and September!

6 commentaires:

Bleudelavande a dit…

ooohh this tea cup is soo lovely!!!!!
Have a nice day

It's me a dit…

Love that cup !!....always hard to comment on your blog i hope it works now....but i read it always, Ria...x !!

Catherine a dit…

Such a pretty little tea cup always makes the tea taste better! Lovely!
xo Catherine

Noelle the dreamer a dit…

Une bien jolie tasse et sous tasse!
J'aime surtout le carreau de ceramique!
Bien le bonjour de la cote Pacifique N.O.,

Madelief a dit…

What a beautiful find hat Daisy cup is!!!

Happy evening,

Madelief x

Ann@A Sentimental Life a dit…

What a sweet little tea cup. perfect to warm yourself with a cup on a cool fall morning.