mardi 17 septembre 2013

French "Heritage day"

Hello friends,

I am not feeling too well at the moment, but on Sunday i decided to go out on our French "Heritage day ". I went to visit the Château du champ de Bataille, close to my home.
This Château belongs to Mr Gracia a famous french interieur decorateur.
My husband was working on that day, but i had a lovely "promenade" in this beautiful and romantic place.
Early in the morning, i decided to go to the mill and have a horse carriage trip in the country.
These horses are Percheron  and they are used to do the fish race from Boulogne to Paris. In the old days , Paris got it's fish from Boulogne (north east of France) and the carriages had to go fast, to get the fish fresh in Paris; this race takes 24 hours and they change horses every 20 kilometres.
for the race they use a two seat carriage which is lighter. We were eight persons  plus drivers;
the cows were curious and scared at the same time
back to the mill for a "crèpes and Normand cider " lunch!
i bought some flour to make some bread.
by the way... The mill is called "Moulin AMOUR"! what a romantic day!!!
i wish you a lovely week.

7 commentaires:

Kom Achterom a dit…

ooh beautiful love the nice photo's.
happy day

Catherine a dit…

Lovely photos!
I hope you get feeling better soon Catherine!
xo Catherine

Linda a dit…

Tres, tres jolie! Merci beaucoup pour les photos. Sante, Linda@Wetcreek Blog (

Alessandra a dit…

You really spent a romantic day. Gorgeous places and beautiful photos.

Silvia a dit…

Catherine, I hope you are well now. I send a big kiss to you. Silvia

Silvia a dit…

Catherine, I hope you are well now. I send a big kiss to you. Silvia

Daniela a dit…

Oh my God, this place is like a dream, you're very lucky living beside it ;)
Hoping you're feeling better now I wish you a very good day !!