dimanche 9 juin 2013

Old ship meeting in Rouen, Armada 2013

 Last night, we had a "long" walk to the ships, a nice walk along the river Seine. There were about 45 ships. This event takes place now every 5 years and it is with pleasure that poeple from Normandy and other places gather and enjoy this 16 days. At the end , a big ship parade goes to Le Havre  before leaving.CLICK ON PICTURE TO ENLARGE.
My favorite being the Mexican  one.
I went down to Le havre on the river Seine once with my family, it was such a nice experience!
I stayed about seven hours on this little platform.

Hope you enjoyed the visit!

2 commentaires:

Grandma Barb's This and That a dit…

How fun it must have been to see all these tall ships! Several tall ships are coming to the Duluth Harbor on Lake Superior in July and I am going to get to see them.

Madelief a dit…

What a great event Catherine! Lovely photographs!

Madelief x