vendredi 12 avril 2013

cabinet treasures and a special day.

This cabinet was made by my father which Birthday should  have been on the 10th of April...and my Birthday being today... makes me think of the past, when he was still with us...
this first Spring flowers in memory of my father, whose prefered colour was yellow.A bright colour full of joy.

Well, today i am going to show you my miniature "Gault" provencial village
i love these english vases! i hope to fill them with flowers soon...if Spring comes.

2 commentaires:

Franse Brocante a dit…

Hi, I love your blog. The miniatures are beautifull! I'm following you from to day and if you want to, your very welcome on my blog too. Bye Lilian

La Maison a dit…

Happy Birthday!!
The cabinet treasures are beautifull.

Have a nice weekend

XX Hermine