mercredi 14 novembre 2012

The Rhumbs, Christian Dior's house. Granville, le Mont Saint Michel.

This weekend, the dogs went to the kennel and we left for "Granville " in the Cotentin ( in between Normandy and Brittany)
On the first day, we went to Christian Dior's house, which now is a museum. Unfortunately, i was not allowed to take the pictures of the beautiful dresses!!!
so, i took pictures of his house.
I love paper dolls, and i found this book, which is printed... in the USA , the price 6$95. There are two dolls and dresses ( 15 plates)
on our way, i found a nice flower shop

Granville, is a fortified town, surrounded by walls.
on November the 11th, the cimetary was flourished and facing the sea.
0ur next  place to visit was " le Mont Saint Michel"
do you know the "omelette" de la mère Poulard?
Then, we had lunch outside and still facing it.
Then we climbed and climbed up the stairs...
this is where they hoist the goods on top.
with this big wheel
the cloister
I am always fascinated by this place each time i visit it, i hope you enjoyed the visit! by the way, it was a nice and active week end!

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Rustic Vintage Country a dit…

I really enjoyed that visit, thank you! Suzy x

Madelief a dit…

Such a shame you were not allowed to take pictures in the Dior museum. In Holland it often is quite the same.

Your photo's of Mont St. Michel look lovely! They bring back lots of good memories of holidays long ago when our daughters were still young.

Have a lovely week!

Madelief x

mariaidabenussi a dit…

very beautiful your blog ... :-)

Kom Achterom a dit…

What a beautyful place. Love the nice photo's.
Happy week

Rita a dit…

Your photos are outstanding! So happy we found each other again,

Rita a dit…

I had to come back and tell you for the longest time last year I came to visit you and could never leave a comment for some it seems to work,