vendredi 23 novembre 2012

Shabby and vintage pictures.

Hello friends!
Today, i wanted to show you a vintage confirmation picture i found on a flea market last summer.
A small chromo.
Look at this little puppy!
cute isn't it?
and look what i found at the back of an old frame... a distressed photo, a big one !
it is in Normandy, this animal has won a prize and they take a picture of the animal.
See the vintage curtains at the back.
French vintage windows and curtains.

3 commentaires:

Lita a dit…

Des images merveilleuses. J'adore les images et photos anciennes comme celles-ci.
Bon weekend.

Rita a dit…

I must be vintage because I remember my conformation just like that picture; merci Catherine.

Patri Bears a dit…

Beautiful pictures!!!
Good weekend

Patri Bears