lundi 29 octobre 2012

Paris in a plate....

Paris in a plate!
I found this new small baking book during the week end and tried a recipe this morning.This book is sold with three stampings, one with the Eiffel tower, one with the "Arc de thriomphe" and the other one with " le Sacré coeur". 
This is why my title "Paris in a plate ". i made the ginger bread taste ones.
Let start by the " Arc de triomphe "
" le Sacré coeur"
and " Eiffel tower"
and the find of the week end...
A  porcelaine dish ( called a mendiant???)

6 commentaires:

It's me a dit…

Wowww love that cookies !!!

La Maison a dit…

You have found exiting things Catherine.


maria candel a dit…

Que originales!!!!

nathalie abi aad a dit…

Hi love what u did, can i know from where u got the book with the stamps.
Thank you,

Sylvia a dit…

Those cookies look beautiful and delicious, Catherine !
Wish I could taste one :-)
Nice week,

Sass and Precision a dit…

I love this!!! Where can I get the book with the stamps???