vendredi 20 avril 2012

What about making lace?

What about lace?
An attic find! All about lace making, cushion, needles, many lace bobins, templates and books, this is my today's treasury.
Something more modern 80's coffee set. I love the colours.
and some Limoges porcelain.
and what i cooked last evening: salmon balls with cranberries and cucumber salad 405 Kcalories. I must translate the recipe for you. It was very good. At the moment i am doing low calories recipes, tonight "chicken cooked with ognons and beer", it is cooking in the oven very gently! we will see the result tonight!

7 commentaires:

helena frontini a dit…

Tout ce qu'il faut pour la dentelle aux fuseaux! Trop beau!!!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage a dit…

Catherine: What a find, the lace making kit. Would you be able to make some, do you think? Dinner looks very good. It's good to eat healthy..I try..Happy Weekend..Judy

Leslie a dit…

Dinner sounds good!!! I love all of your pretty finds.

toko baju muslim online murah a dit…

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Norma Soulet (AZArtist) a dit…

Hi Catherine,
Hope you are doing well. :)
Love all the lovely things you found. I especially love the coffee set.
Your dinner looked good. Hope you enjoyed it.

toko baju muslim online murah a dit…

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Jody and Stan a dit…

Just found your blog and love it. New Follower.