vendredi 24 février 2012

My return from " Dubai"

My first day in Dubai, while my son was at work, i visited the Dubai Mall. I went to the aquarium and saw the divers with sharks ( small sharks!)
My first impressions was not a very good one, but as the days went by i  really enjoyed the people i met and the evening meals, eating outside and the very good food from all different countries. I especially loved the spices.
In these malls, you have all the luxury shops from the world i have ever seen!
They are "huge" and you have to be a good walker to visit all te different malls or a shopper addict!
This is where i lived (the tower in the middle)
This is the view i had ( across the main roads are the Marina towers.
The view i had at night. The  first night we went to "James Blunt" concert! and had problems to get a taxi back.... back at half past two in the morning!
A sand storm for two days, sand from the desert everywhere. My hot air balloon flight was cancelled...

hand made bags
beautiful rugs
Then came the big day! the weather was fine and i could go in the air, but i started to wonder how i was going to get fast into this big basket!...
we were thirteen in this big "basket" and went 3000meters up in the air!
I woke up at three in the morning  to see the rising of the sun above the desert.
The second balloon 
"May the wind welcome you with softness,
May the sun bless you with his warm hands,
May you so high as so well,
God joins you in laughter,
and may He set you gently back again,
into the loving arms of Mother Earth.

( ballonist prayer,19th century, Ireland) this prayer was on my flight certificate.
The boys had to jump to pull the balloon down. The second part of "Catherine's adventures in Dubai" tomorow!

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Lynne a dit…

Oh my, this looks like the trip of a lifetime . . . and the hot air balloon ride . . . Oh my . . . WONDERFUL views . . . A treasured trip for you I am sure. Thanks for sharing . . .

polkadotpeticoat a dit…

Catherine I drooled over every beautiful image....amazing!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Welcome back Catherine!! It's so good to see you back on here and home safe and sound from your adventure. Oh my ...I think I would have really enjoyed shopping with would have been hard not to take one of those beautiful rugs home! I was disappointed when I read that your balloon ride was cancelled but I'm glad they rescheduled and you got your ride. What a WONDERFUL way to start your a balloon over the desert! Beautiful photo's Catherine and I look forward to your next post. Take care my friend! Maura :)

Madelief a dit…

What an impressive holiday you must have had!! Wonderful to have you back!

Happy weekend & lieve groet,

Madelief x

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) a dit…

Hi Catherine,
Wow , what an amazing trip you had! Wish I were there. :)
Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos. Was that your first Balloon ride? I have done that too. I loved it. :)
Can't wait to see more of your trip.

Leslie a dit…

Wow Catherine ...what a magnificent vacation. The views are extraordinary. Have fun.

Joy a dit…

Exotic vacation! Wonderful photos, they really made me feel as if I were there.

Kom Achterom a dit…

OOh Chaterine what a place!! Wauw love the dessert! I wish you a verry verry nice weekend