mardi 3 janvier 2012

A little Shabby.

I am  on the point of getting a doll house, i would love that one! and i am sure i could get everything i need to furnish it from my bogging friends who are doing minis. They are creating such nice things! I have already some furniture and decorations, but i would like it to be a copy of a real house, so i will take my time and look or order beautiful pieces.Lots of blogging friends specialities are minis.
What a lovely fabric collection!

Thes pictures are from " les secrets du style Shabby chic"
I love this little broderie and the frame
I will have a new sofa and armchairs soon , not that one but one from a famous Sweedish maker! (i already have the chairs)
Well when you have two dogs , this is the best as it is machine washable. I tried on the chairs and it is ok.This is one of our project done for the new year! now we will have to give education to uour dogs!!!

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Heather a dit…

What lovely photos. I wish I had some of that beautiful fabric collection!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) a dit…

Hi Catherine,
Wow that doll house is lovely! Hope you get it soon. I am sure you will have lots of fun furnishing it. Love that fabric collection in the photos. I wish , I had a sofa in my studio. I can if I want but don't want to get rid of a long counter that I have.
Lots of hugs

Heather a dit…

Oh I love doll houses I have one my grandpa made me it is so cute one day when I am not moving so much I will get it from my Father's house it is to precious to me and I am afraid it will get damaged in one of our moves. I love the cabinets all next to each other and the color is wonderful. I love the shabby look ...I always tend to decorate more opposite though bolder earthy colors...Happy New Year Love Heather

*Maristella* a dit…

Hi Catherine.
Che meraviglia la tua collezione di stoffe...invidia!! ;o))
Iniziato bene il 2012??
Io spero tanto di si...un abbraccio forte forte, *Maristella*.

It's me a dit…

Love what i see today !!!

Los Mundos de Nika Vintage a dit…

Maravilloso post!!

Feliz año!!
Un saludo.

Ascension a dit…

Hola Catherine
Me alewgro que hayas decidido montar una casita de muñecas.
Con el buen gusto que tienes, seguro que la dejaras preciosa.
Volvere para ver como va el nuevo proyecto.
besitos ascension

isabelle a dit…

Je découvre votre site grâce à un magazine français acheté il y a quelques semaines. Votre atelier est merveilleux et m'a donné l'inspiration !! Je fais des miniatures à mes heures perdues.
A très bientôt!

helena frontini a dit…

J'adore le style shabby!!! Il irait bien chez moi!!! J'attends le printemps pour me mettre au travail.
Bisous et une année très crétive.

Linda Carswell a dit…

As you might suspect...I adore that first photo. I wish you well with your doll house and look forward to seeing it when you start....Good Luck!

polkadotpeticoat a dit…

What yummy little rooms and I'm loving your candle holder in your last it ,doesn't begin to describe it!

Carolyn a dit…

Your doll house will be so much fun to decorate!
What a beautiful fabric collection-love the cupboard with the glass doors and the lace.

Happy New Year!

ALISON a dit…

Yes I agree .I try to not let our dogs on the sofa but it is impossible.I tt have the same sofa but in a rusty colour and also a second change of covers colour cream....a bit too risky to put on in winter as it sure would get a few paw prints all over.....a lovely dolls house....a dream...ciao Alison

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

I love that web site with the doll houses...I know you'll find the perfect one soon. I'm looking forward to seeing what you buy and how you decorate it! If it wasn't for all the dust here I would love to have one but I can just imagine how long it would take me to clean everything. OH MY...I LOVE that sofa and I love slip covers. That will be very convenient with your dogs! Good luck with your doll house search :)
Maura X