mardi 27 décembre 2011

What is this? I was given this russian vintage vodka set for Christmas, isn't it funny and kitch! it dates back to the 70's.
The vodka glasses are small fish.

I found these old milk pitchers
and these very old  french  jam jars, got 11 of them. They are very rare nowadays, but i was lucky!
Their contenance is 500gr and they are not all the same. 
I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and i want to thank you for your wishes, see you soon!

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heloisa de mesquita inoue a dit…

Seus achados são bem antigos mesmo! Parabéns! E essa vodka em forma de peixe, nem se fala! Uma boa semana para você!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) a dit…

Hi Catherine,
I am back!
Hope you had a joyous Christmas!
Mine was very nice.
I really like that Vodka set and the milk bottles! :)
Love the table setting that you had for your Christmas meal too. :)
I just uploaded some photos of my trip if you would like to see them. Please leave a comment if you can. :) Tomorrow I will upload a few more photos.
Love and hugs

@nne a dit…

chère Catherine, je te souhaite une bonne année, @nne

Madelief a dit…

Hi Catherine,

That wodka set looks funny indeed, but in a good way! Lucky you to find to jam jars. Will you use them this summer for home made preserves?

Oh, before I forget....thank you for the lovely ecard you sent me. I enjoyed it very much :-)!

Lieve groeten van Madelief x

Cape Cod Washashore a dit…

What a fabulous vodka set! And your vintage jam jars are wonderful, too! I hope you enjoyed a Happy Christmas!

Lynne a dit…

Love the vodka set . . . Did you enjoy some vodka?
I like the jars too. You seem to be able to find great and many treasures!
Happy New Year . . .