samedi 12 novembre 2011

Tonight, I was thinking of sawing ideas for Christmas. I t is coming soon and i was looking at the creative magazines for this winter.
This coming week, i will have a look if i can find ideas and patterns to put on my blog.
I must have look for decorating ideas.Have you already got some ideas for Christmas?

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Anonyme a dit…

I found a huge roll of vintage wrapping paper this summer at a thrift store, so am starting there for my color scheme. I love a matchy-matchy vintage Christmas! Of course, the packages will be wrapped in the paper, but also need some additional ideas of how to incorporate this paper into the rest of my decorations. I'll look forward to seeing what you do!

It's me a dit…

Hello works !! christmas ideas on this site...i think i will do a wintersleep......wake up in January......yes !! that's my

Silvia a dit…

I love Christmas, but At this time i have no ideas.Kiss.Silvia

cuore antico a dit…

Hi Catherine, how are you? I hope you feel good.
Your posts are always so romantic.
Like Silvia I've got no ideas for Christmas this years.

June a dit…

I'm doing the same Catherine. Looking for ideas for Christmas. I love this time of year. Thank you for inspiring me with this post!
hugs from here...

polkadotpeticoat a dit…

I can't stop thinking about it....In 3 weeks I'm having a Christmas cocktail first...super excited!

Draffin Bears a dit…

Hi Catherine,

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful Christmas decoration inspiration. I really love the gingerbread tablecloth and the sweet reindeer stocking.
Also enjoyed the music, Morning has broken is such a gorgeous song, I play it on the piano.

Happy new week