mercredi 16 novembre 2011

This is what i did this morning! clean this silver plated forks and spoons i found yesterday. 
This one is the one i like best.
This country plates.
with dragonfly and cornflower
fruits and bees
Have you ever seen that? In my cupboard i found my tin cheese labels.Here, on the famous "camembert"!
in case we did not recognise our cheeses!
and this cotton fabric, with old postcards printed on it. ( sorry, i did not ironed yet)
What do you think of my finds?
This was given to me by Nikavintage! Thank you!  I f you want to visit her blog.

15 commentaires:

Heather a dit…

What beautiful finds! I especially love the silver and beautiful plates.

Celestial Charms a dit…

Hi Catherine,
Your silverware is so very beautiful. I love all the ornate details.

Los Mundos de Nika Vintage a dit…

Muy bello post, la cuberteria me encanta.
En mi blog hay unas flores para ti.

It's me a dit…

What a nice things you found !!! like the cheese names things !! from me.............♥.. ♥... ♥....

Kom Achterom a dit…

ooh nice the bees i love it!!
What a tressurs!
Happy week!
OOh edam is chees from holland hihi

Cape Cod Washashore a dit…

Oh my what beautiful treasures! The two plates are charming!

Eva a dit…

I thank that you have the most wonderful treasuries!

Draffin Bears a dit…

Hi Catherine,

I love all your new finds, how beautiful everything is. I especially loved the old fabric, with the vintage postcards.

Hope you are enjoying your week

Anonyme a dit…

Très jolies ces assiettes !!
J'adore le tissus !
C'est toujours avec plaisir que je te rends visite !

polkadotpeticoat a dit…

I'm on my way with wine when I saw your cheese ....I can help you polish!

Anneke a dit…

your new finds are gorgeous and wonderful to have

PoeMa Bat Soilik a dit…

LOVE the country plates with dragonfly and cornflowers
Encantada de conocer tu blog,

****Nannarè**** a dit…

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Hello good day

Madelief a dit…

You found some beautiful forks and plates Catherine!

Happy weekend!

Madelief x

Prasetyo a dit…

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