mardi 22 novembre 2011

"Pétales de Fées" her shop and vintage sewing patterns.

Yesterday, I recieved my purchase from Ariane's shop. These will be nice close to  my plates for a special meal.
Pétales de fées hereis the link of her blog and  french shop!
Let me show you my designed blue " Eiffel tower"!!!
Today, i went treasure hunting and i came across quite a lot of vintage patterns.
If i remember, this must dates back to the sixties? ( I remember my mother have such a dress.)
and i found lots of these
for those of you who likes aprons
i love that one, very elegant. This took me back to some memories....

7 commentaires:

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

These patterns are wonderful! I sure wish that I had kept all of my old patterns, they bring back lots of memories. Have a happy day.

Pétales de fées a dit…

Merci très chère Catherine pour tes magnifiques photos ! J'ai beaucoup aimé ton reportage sur la brocante à Paris ! Je t'embrasse bien fort.

Los Mundos de Nika Vintage a dit…

Que bonito!!

Celestial Charms a dit…

Hi Catherine,
Those dress patterns are fabulous! Love them.

Cape Cod Washashore a dit…

Vintage patterns are wonderful! I even like using them sometimes as wrapping paper! ;)

Francesca a dit…

Beautiful, everything is in a gorgeous styel! Hugs from Rome! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

MommaMindy a dit…

The silverware holders are absolutely stunning! I've cut the pockets off of jeans to use for casual dining, tucking in a bandana for a napkin, but my heart fluttered a bit when I saw the elegant ones you posted. They are truly a work of art.