mercredi 7 septembre 2011

This is the end of summer holidays and the children are back to school. Mine are adults now, but i still remember those days when both  children...and  mother were stressed! I was never late to school happy to be together again and most of the time i had prepared a cake during the day.
When I was a child, i had to walk for 1km to school, in the morning, for lunch, back to school and back home again. It was nice during Spring , but I did not like the winter mornings when it was dark and cold. It was a small village catholic school, which name was "école Sainte Marie".
Then, I went to town in Rouen at boarding school for TOO many years!!! I did Not like it!
I love these two "Petitcollin" dolls
Both found on "Vide greniers"
What is inside this music box?

A magic closet!
Hope you enjoyed it, see you soon!

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Jane and Lance Hattatt a dit…

Hello Catherine:
Yes, we most certainly have enjoyed looking at these treasures. Both the dolls and the opening cupboard are a delight - utterly magical and how thrilling they must once have been to a young child.

We rather like the approach of autumn but, like you, it is not overshadowed with thoughts of a return to school. But school in Rouen, perhaps not the school itself but the place, we think must have been a wonderful experience with that superb cathedral and such history all around.

@nne a dit…

des petits traisors ... merci pour le partage! amicalement, @nne

love lives in the kitchen a dit…

dear catherine! welcome back after summer holiday! thank you for this lovely post and beautiful pictures.. have a sweet day, justyna

polkadotpeticoat a dit…

Oh Catherine that is a magic fantastic.
I loved hearing how you went to school my hubby went to a boarding school and did not like it either. I went one week to the same boarding school and didn't make it more than that one week, it was horrible, not knowing my future hubby was there also, took another 7 years to meet him, funny how your paths cross and you don't even know it!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine!
OH I LOVE your music beautiful! Look at all the details...absolutely amazing. When I was in grade 5 I had to walk over a mile to school and I wasn't allowed to stay for lunch so I had to walk home...spend a few minutes eating and then start walking back again. My Grandparents didn't have a car so I NEVER got a ride even in the long harsh winters of Manitoba Canada. I still get a little thrill when it's time for the children to go back to school..even though mine are all grown. Funny how that's never gone away. Enjoy your new treasures!
Maura :)

Julie Harward a dit…

You have the most beautiful things...I just love all of this! :D

Julie Harward a dit…

You have the most beautiful things...I just love all of this! :D

*Maristella* a dit…

Hi che meravigliose cose trovate nei vide-granier...qui non c'è più nulla, ormai, sob!!
Un caro saluto, *Maristella*. a dit…

Que bonito, me encanta,todo lo que enseñas es precioso.
Saludos desde Menorca.

Veronica a dit…

Por favor disculpame! En el anterior comentario no se que he hecho que en vez de mi nombre aparece la deireccion del blog.
Pido de nuevo disculpas.

Heather a dit…

My children are in their third week of school, and I can't imagine them going off to boarding school! Going to boarding school all those years must have been difficult. I would love to hear about your experiences someday!

Lorraine a dit…

What a lovely blog, and what a sweet lady you are.
Your English is perfect!
Sending a big hug from New York,