jeudi 11 août 2011

Last year, i went to a big brocante and took the pictures of these beautiful doolls,not being able to buy one (SO expensive!!!) i just have the pictures left, but what pictures!
Sea how beautiful they are!
This is the one i like best...But did you see the price? 580 euros!
I hope you enjoyed the visit, see you soon!

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Flat Creek Farm a dit…

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Catherine. Have a wonderful remainder of your week! -Tammy

Silvia a dit…

Also J love dolls, but these are too expansive a too beautifull.Kiss.Silvia

Joy a dit…

I did enjoy the visit! Thank you! A few years ago, my daughter gave me a large, beautiful book about antique dolls, mainly the French dolls. I just love looking at the photos--but like you, I can't afford one! I wonder if some of the Jumeau and German made dolls have real human hair? It looks so real. I really enjoy your interesting posts, Catherine. Have a beautiful day!

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

My many dolls! They are so interesting. I know that French dolls are among the best.(-:

Curtains In My Tree a dit…

Love the old dolls and I have sold all of mine

I like your post very much . I need one more old doll back in my house. 300E how much is that in american dollars?

I found you on My Old Historic Housse blog


Heather a dit…

Wow great pictures. It would be wonderful to have one of those dolls!! I just love old dolls thanks for sharing ~too bad they were so expensive ~Love Heather