mardi 2 août 2011

Every four years, in June orJuly this time "L' Armada takes place in Rouen. The next time being in 2013. As you can see, it is very crowed during the day, but very quiet in the mornings and nice to visit when it's not too hot. At night, some concerts take place, restaurants are open and shops.
At the back, you can see a bridge , this one can open to let the ships come in.
It was in construction.
I did a cruise on a Russian boat " the MIR" from ROUEN to  le HAVRE, and it was an unforgetable day! Thousands of people having picnic on the banks of the river and it was so scary when going under the bridges the masts being so tall, in fact they have to follow the tides not to hit the bridges. It took about four hours, it was a sunny and wonderful day!

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Jane and Lance Hattatt a dit…

How wonderful these tall ships are and how very splendid to have had the experience of not only being on board, one but of also sailing in one.

We have very happy memories of Rouen many, many years ago.

Liz a dit…

Lovely - looks like the same tall ships that called in at Greenock. Beautiful to see them.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Mimi and Tilly a dit…

What a fantastic day out! I saw the tall ships in Liverpool a few years ago, it was an amazing day. Em x

Madelief a dit…

Dear Catherine,

What a beautiful event! You even had some amazing weather too :-)

Happy evening & lieve groet, Madelief x

It's me a dit…

Amazing trip !!

Heather a dit…

Great pictures thanks for sharing sounds like a very nice time ~Love Heather

Aarthi a dit…

Hai Dear

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@nne a dit…

merci pour cette belle découverte! amicalement, @nne

Mariette's Back to Basics a dit…

Dearest Catherine,

For a clear day with some sun this is great to watch. Your cruise on the Russian boat also sounds like having been fun.

Enjoy your day and lots of love,


Claudine brodeuse de perles a dit…

Que l'on fait de jolis voyages avec vous ! Merci Caherine

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Catherine this would be a wonderful time to visit France to see the 'tall ships'. My hubby would LOVE this. Maybe that would be the excuse I could use to get him to go to Europe ;) Thanks for sharing this with us!
Maura :)

Joy a dit…

It all looks so cool and refreshing. I'm afraid of deep water, so I'd have a life jacket tightly cinched around me, but I'd love to go on one of those boats! Your photos are so bright and inviting!