jeudi 21 juillet 2011

A tour of my HOME.

Hello friends!
Some of you are new and would like to see more of my home, so today i will take you on a tour of the house! Please do come in.
This door knocker was found twenty years ago in an antique shop in Dieppe ,and comes from England.
Welcome into my small hall entrance, the gate is for the dogs!
There are three doors, one leading to a small bedroom where my computer is , one to a shower room , to the kitchen and to the living room.
I am not keen on housework at the moment, so excuse the dust!!!
Some of my cookbooks are behind the door.
A shelf my father did for me
I really must clean the cake tins!
The small bedroom downstairs, with a visitor who would like to sleep here!
This is where i blog
I like this small wardrobe
The dinning room from the kitchen
The living room
A canvas collage i did with Paper Whimsy.
My heart collection

An old picture from Scotland and a plate about Kansas i found in a thrift shop!
A cabinet my father made for me
An old school ink pot, a  village from ¨Provence " from Gault
All my little treasures
One of the bedroom upstairs which was my daughter's
My son's room

The upstairs bathroom
My bedroom
My transformed ikea desk
My wedding dress
Our shower room downstairs
And last, a room for my children to meet their friends!
I did all on a budget and by myself. I collected things for about thirty years and wanted my home to have a country look , as we live in the middle of the fields and have animals with us. I hope you enjoyed the tour, it will be my blog anniversary on August the 1rst, two years already!!! Thank you for following me during these two years and sorry for not being  much on blogland at the moment because of health problems, but I am sure everything will be better in September! See you soon.
A new recipe on my other blog: "les muffins de catherine "(click on the big muffin on my sidebar) Philadelphia vegetable muffins and cheesecake!
Giveaway at Maristella, have a look at her beautiful blog and shop!

22 commentaires:

It's me a dit…

Great your house!......looks good !!

Heidi a dit…

I love your home Catherine, all is beautiful, but the thing that I prefer (after your office with the dog on the bed, of course) is the white shelf in the kitchen, wonderful gift from your father, i would like to have one for me too, I will look for something similar.
Thank you very much for the nice tour, and try to get well soon, don't worry for us!
Kisses and hugs,

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine!
I love your home. Your arched door looks so inviting and I love the brick and tile floors. Everything looks so cozy and I had to smile when I saw the plate from Kansas ;) I LOVE that chicken painting from Scotland...that's a real treasure! Thank you for sharing your home with us today...I hope you have a WONDERFUL afternoon.
Maura :)

Karena a dit…

Catherine, a very lovely charming home! So good of you to share.

Art by Karena

Come and enter my Giveaway of a very Special Painting by Mary Maxam!

Madelief a dit…

Dear Catherine,

What a lovely and warm house you have. It's looks very romantic and welcoming!

Lieve groet, Madelief x

Pondside a dit…

Hello Catherine, and thank you for your visit to Pondside. Your house is so cosy - full of loving touches that make is so romantic. It really is a work of love.

Heather a dit…

What a lovely home, Catherine! It looks so cozy! I especially love all your collections.

Last week, I posted about receiving your wonderful giveaway. Hope that you saw my special thank you to you! Everyday, I walk into my closet and see the beautiful blouse hanging and it brings a smile to my face!

Hope all goes well with your upcoming surgery and that you have a quick recovery. Let us know how you're doing,

Julie Harward a dit…

Thanks for your visit and thanks for sharing your home, it is lovely. I loved the kitchen and the living room and your that picture from Scotland too! Good luck with the surgery, I sure hope it all goes very well. :D

Jackie a dit…

Dear Catherine, what a wonderful home full of treasures and love.Jackie in Surrey, UK.

Isobel a dit…

Hi dear Catherine, your house is gorgeous! Just like I imagined it to be. :)

Silvia a dit…

Catherine your home is wonderful, you were good at making it so.
I hope you heal soon.
P.S. I also live near the sea.
my photo of the mountains are the Alps, which are 500 km from Grosseto, where I live.J go there every year in September.

polkadotpeticoat a dit…

Super fun to stroll through your amazing home Catherine!

GardenofDaisies (Gayle) a dit…

Your home is beautiful! I love so many things, from the beamed ceiling to the glass paned doors, to your heart collection.

Heather a dit…

You have a Beautiful Home!! ~thanks for sharing with us ~Love Heather

Joy a dit…

So many photos! I am going to have to return and look at all of them more closely. Is your house old, Catherine? It is charming and sweet, many, many, pretties! You have such a lovely large living room and your father is very talented with his woodworking skills. Merci for sharing your home! I will no doubt return and leave more comments. I hope you feel better soon. I had to laugh, I see your son has one of those talking and singing fish on his wall! My father in law has one of those too!

Beatnheart a dit…

what a delightful home ! Thanks for entering my giveaway Catherine. As far as “doing it right” I don’t know what you did but consider yourself entered what-ever you did. Did you register with Etsy? doesn’t matter sweetie, you are entered into the drawing...
cheers and blessings...Cynthia

Joy a dit…

I like your table vignettes, and the handle in the door that goes from the kitchen is exquisite. I think your home could be featured in a 'Country French Shabby Chic' book. It's fresh, light, and very individualistic. Such a lovely home, thank you for sharing!

Leslie a dit…

What a lovely home Catherine. I feel like I just stepped out of this city and visited a french chateau.
Have a wonderful weekend.

loveandlilac a dit…

Your home is quite delightful Catherine. Thanks for the tour xx

Eva a dit…

How adorable your home tour! You have a really cosy home Catherine, the pictures transmit a confort feeling!

Gwladys a dit…

Très jolie découverte de cet intérieur raffiné avec une touche so british !

Nagy Farkas Dudás Erika a dit…

Nagyon szép.