lundi 25 juillet 2011

A. Renoir and the Clark collection at Giverny

O n Sunday, we decided to go and see the Clarck collection at the museum of Giverny. Seventy masterpieces are gathered in France .I love this August Renoir...
and this one, aren't they beautiful! We had a lovely afternoon and good weather, which we did not had since June.MONET's garden isn the link , if you want to see some of Giverny's garden
and houseMONET's house and more flowers!Flowers at Giverny. I hope you enjoyed the visit!

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Jane and Lance Hattatt a dit…

Hello Catherine:
What a wonderful exhibition, we are quite sure that we should have loved to see it.

In January, we went with friends to see an exhibition of French Impressionists in Vienna. As you say, when one sees these works at close quarters they are truly remarkable and seem so fresh and contemporary.

Julie Harward a dit…

I would love to go and see that...his pictures here are breathtaking! ;D

Draffin Bears a dit…

Hi Catherine,

How lovely that you got to see this exhibition. I love Renoir's paintings, in fact we named one of our cats Renoir.
We got to see an Exhibition over here in NZ and it was called Rembrandt to Renoir and loved seeing the masterpieces.
Happy week


La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

How lucky you is always a joy to see an exhibition of the Impressionists. So glorious. And Giverney is a delight!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) a dit…

Hi Catherine,
I love museums and that must have been great to see the Exhibition. I love Renoir.

Patty a dit…

Catherine, It must have been such a wonderful experience to see Renoir's in person! When I have seen the old Master's works in the past it just takes my breath away!!!

helena frontini a dit…

Trop, quelle experience!!!
Bonne journée. Bisous.