lundi 20 juin 2011

My thrift find

Hello friends!  First of all thank you very much for your comments. 
Let me show you my Saturday's find, i like the shape and the small flowers in the cups. 
 Happy Monday to you. It's a rainy  and cold day today here, after the dry weather it does not stop raining now!

13 commentaires:

Bleudelavande a dit…

Ooohhh such nice program for you!!!!
A good reading and a cup of tea in that lovely cup!!!!!
Nice monday to you.

It's me a dit…

I think the service is Dutch !!.....beautifil mille fleurs......lovely week ..did you get my email??? love

Wohnwohltaten a dit…

Hallo Catherine,
oh yes, it's a wonderful service.
4 weeks ago I was in holidays and I visited also France. I only say: I love it!!!!!!

Pétales de fées a dit…

Hello Catherine,
j'aime aussi beaucoup le motif floral de tes petites tasses. Tu dois avoir une belle collection ! Je m'amuse à t'imaginer en train de réfléchir à la tasse à thé du jour... laquelle choisir ...? Celle ci ira bien pour ton lundi humide et gris car elle est pleine de soleil !
J'espère que tu vas bien et je t'envoie toutes mes affectueuses pensées. A bientôt !

Liz a dit…

Wow, beautiful pattern and the shape of the tea pot is lovely!

Heather a dit…

How very lovely! I like the little chintz design!

Scrappy Grams a dit…

I especially love the shape of the teapot! pattern is so lovely! The complete works of Sherlock...perfect on a grey and rainy day like today. happy week!

Madelief a dit…

Dear Catherine,

What an amazing find this is! Lucky you!!!! It's not often you find such a perfect Art Deco tea set.

I think your tea will taste perfect out of it :-)

Happy new week & lieve groet,

Madelief x

helena frontini a dit…

Bonne soirée et bonne semaine entourée de la belle porcelaine.

Farm Girl a dit…

So very beautiful. I love your finds.

Louise a dit…

Lovely. The floral design is very beautiful and I love the shape of the teapot and little bowl.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

I'm playing 'catch-up' with your blog now! What a beautiful tea's like Art Deco meets Victorian that handle. You really do find beautiful things when you're 'hunting' ;)
Maura :)

Claudine brodeuse de perles a dit…

Vraiment beau ! Bisous