dimanche 15 mai 2011

Today we went to Honfleur, to the butterfly farm. I tried to take pictures of these beautiful creatures.
It was so hot inside that i had some steam on my camera.
It was a real sauna!
Look at the blue one! it is big and beautiful and i have spent one hour trying to catch him on my film, i was desperate and tonight i see it on one of my pictures!
Beautiful and perfumed Daturas
The birth of a butterfly, he has one wing out and looks exhausted!
Then we had a picnic, but it was only 12°C , it was so cold after the tropical temperature!
Then we went to honfleur.
and i saw some nice mugs!
and some beautiful houses!
The front and back of the house
We rented deck chairs and had a nap on the beach, a stroll in town a"café gourmand" which is coffee with very small pastries and went back home. We had a beautiful day! I hope it was the same for you! 

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****Nannarè**** a dit…

bellissime foto di farfalle!!!buona domenica e buona serata!!!!
ciao da

Blue Cottage a dit…

ohhh wat a nice pictures.
I will believe that you enjoyed this day.
Thanks for sharing those lovely
butterfly pictures.
Today it was a bit rainy over here.
Have a nice evening.
Regards from Holland.

Madelief a dit…

Dear Catherine,

Such a beautiful place Honfleur is. Hopefully we can visit again this summer! Didn't know you had a butterfly farm there. I will have to keep this in mind for a rainy day.

Happy new week & lieve groet,

Madelief x

Eva a dit…

Oh! the butterflies pictures are delicious, magical.
And what a beautiful village, definetely a place to visit :)
Have a nice week!

Leslie a dit…

how exotic and beautiful. I am glad that you had a great picnic and beautiful day.

Catherine a dit…

How wonderful it would be to got to a butterfly farm! What terrific photos Catherine ~ thank you so much for sharing with us!
xo Catherine

Garden of Miniatures a dit…

You have a wonderful blog,full of beautiful pictures.I'm glad ,that I have found you :-)!Jeannette

Diny a dit…

Just beautiful
Greetings, Diny

polkadotpeticoat a dit…

those butterfly shots were beautiful and then i scrolled down and saw those homes......just breathtaking!

TINK - SONIA a dit…

Hi Catherine,your blog is lovely,mini regards from sunny Spain.

Monique a dit…

Tes photos de papillons sont superbes. Tu es une grande artiste, quant aux façades des maisons, elles me font penser à un conte de fée.

helena frontini a dit…

Quelle chance! Tu as eu la possibilité de voir la naissance d'un papillon. Je te remercie de l'avoir partagé avec nous. J'imagine ton émotion!
J'aurai souffert un peu car je suis claustrophobique.
Bonne nuit.

Pétales de fées a dit…

Tes photos de papillons sont époustouflantes de précision ! Le premier papillon a des ailes transparentes ? C'est magnifique ! Bisous

neve di marzo a dit…

Kate,but where you leave?In a faboulous world!Yours photos are very very great and thoses rose are very romantic, i like very much!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Oh Catherine what a wonderful way to spend a day! I love butterflies...we had lots of Monarch butterflies this year but they all disappeared when the lilacs were done blooming. There is a Butterfly House in Wichita that we went to a few years ago...I loved it. It was hot and humid like you described the one you visited. Those houses are magnificent...imagine all the wonderful nooks and crannies you'd find in all of them! I don't think I'd want the job of painting the them though. That's too bad it was cool when you were on the beach but what a wonderful way to end your day. Thanks for taking us along on your journey!
Maura :)

Claudine a dit…

Je fais partie des quelques personnes qui n'aiment pas les paillons. Mais j'ai déjà visité Honfleur et ces grandes maisons au dessus de la plage m'ont longtemps fait rêver, surtout la dernière. Bisous