lundi 30 mai 2011

This morning, I recieved this "bouquet" from my son for Mother's  day!I love the colors!
My yesterday's finds! I bought this English jug from an English lady on a flea market. Many English people live on our Normandy coast now and i am glad, because i love their porcelain.Is'nt it beautiful!
The roses are from my garden.
This little one is for jam
This ancient lttle doll
This pastrycook
This mouse for cheese from Netherlands
And i want to wish a "Happy Birthday "to my Hubby! Happy Birthday Pascal!!!

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Leslie a dit…

Happy Birthday to your husband!!!
I love the rose pitcher ~ it is gorgeous!!! Oh .. and the little mouse cheese dish is adorable. I love it.
Gorgeous roses!
Have a fantastic day!!!!

Life In a Little House a dit…

A very Happy Birthday to your husband and what great new treasures you have found!! The flowers are beautiful ~Love Heather

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

What beautiful bouquets...both of them. I love all of your finds, but my favorite is the little chef ~ he is so cute! Happy birthday to your husband.

Tretswelt a dit…

Hallo!alles gute für dein Mann.Viel Glück und gesundheit.Dein Deko ist wieder wunderschön.Schöne woche.Bussi.Luciene.

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Your jug is BEAUTIFUL, Catherine, so are your flowers and your garden in the back!
Bonne soiree o xx o

Celestial Charms a dit…

Happy Mother's Day to you, Catherine. Your flowers are beautiful, as is the rose pitcher. So many pretty things.

helena frontini a dit…

heureux anniversaire à ton mari.
le bouquet a été très bien choisi.
bonne semaine.

Pink Princess a dit…

Beautiful roses and beautiful Chintz jug. ♥

polkadotpeticoat a dit…

I love all your finds....I'm not sure about the mouse, you know how I feel about those critters!

Auntie Bliss a dit…

What a pretty and fun blog!

Julie Harward a dit…

So nice to get flowers...and the jug is so beautiful. You always have the cutest thing, love the little pastry man! :D

Heidi a dit…

Happy birthday Pascal!!!
I love your flowers jug Catherine, I also have a little one, very little I must say, one day I'll take a picture of it.
I am happy you could find these lovely porcelain near to your home.
Have a nice day,

Sylvia a dit…

What a lovely bouquet from your son, Catherine !
That jug is gorgeous, love the color of the flowers.
And a Happy Birthday to your
husband !

Blue Cottage a dit…

Happy Birthday to your husband!!!
What a lovely bouquet from your son!!
I still have problems with Blogger/ comments.
Have a lovely evening.
Greets Cobi

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Oh goodness Catherine we've been so busy painting and watering the gardens that I haven't been visiting my favorite blogs. Happy Belated Birthday to your Husband!!! I hope you and he had a wonderful day. I LOVE that English's a perfect vessel for your gorgeous roses! I can't wait until I have roses and clematis growing over the picket fence...maybe next year they'll be tall enough for that. You find some lovely things at the flea market when you go. One day I'll get back over to England and I'm going to drag my sister (well she'll probably drag me ;)to every boot sale and flea market and quaint little antique shop we can find!! Hopefully we'll get to do that one day soon. Take care my friend.
Maura :)