mercredi 25 mai 2011

Promenade au jardin

"Promenade au jardin"! "Promenade" in the garden. The pink garden.
I love to mix, Foxgloves, roses and pink poppies.

My little blue garden.
I love sweetpeas
This is my last year new garden, see how the plants have been growing!
The biggest foxglove!
I hope you enjoyed the visit. Tomorow, i must clean it, which i don't like very much ,but there are so many weeds! i think i must get up quite early! wish me good luck!

14 commentaires:

helena frontini a dit…

Une explosion de couleurs! C'est tellement beau! Bon travail.

Julie Harward a dit…

What beautiful flowers..I would love to walk in your garden! :D

louli a dit…

Une jolie promenade au jardin où les variétés foisonnent...J'aime beaucoup l'harmonie des couleurs ! A bientôt

Blue Cottage a dit…

What a beautiful garden !!!
The blue flowers are my favorites.
I wish you luck I know it's a lot of work.
I really enjoy the magazine.
I'm waiting until next month to find one for you.
Regards Cobi

Pétales de fées a dit…

De jolis regroupements de teintes dans ton jardin ! Les pois de senteur... voilà longtemps que je n'en n'ai pas semé alors que j'aime beaucoup ces fleurs !
bisous Catherine, j'espère que tu vas le mieux possible.

It's me a dit…

Good luck !! have a beautiful all the flowers so so

Sylvia a dit…

What a beautiful garden, Catherine !
Your flowers are gorgeous !
Enjoy tomorrow :-), I really don't like pulling weeds :-(

Heidi a dit…

I love your beautiful garden!
I never had foxgloves, I thank that it is a little flower, not so tall, I see I am wrong!
Good luck for your hard work in the garden!
xxxx :-)

Nancy a dit…

Such beauty you have grown. Weeding is not my favorite thing. Be well, be happy.

Catherine a dit…

I just spent about 6 hours over the last 2 days picking weeds. Never a fun task. But to have such beautiful flowers is worth it! Lovely garden you have Catherine!
xo Catherine

Marie-Ange a dit…

Tu es peut-être déjà au jardin ...
Bon courage Catherine, mais il est si beau que celà vaut la peine de se donner un peu de mal ... et d'avoir mal au dos !
Gros bisous

lory a dit…

a beautiful happy lory

carole brungar a dit…

What a pretty garden, I would to walk around with you and smell the roses!
Lots of lovely photos on your blog!
Lovely to visit :) x

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Catherine your gardens are absolutely gorgeous and look at the size of your foxgloves! That's a flower I totally forgot about when making my flower gardens this spring. I think I need to make a trip to the garden center and see if they still have some of those. I used to grow those and delphiniums up in British Columbia and they always remind me of my Nana's English style gardens. I know how you feel about weeding...I hate doing that and I have so many weeds that it's going to be a MAJOR job. Oh has to be done. I hope you got your's done early before it got too hot. Hugs to you my friend.
Maura :)