jeudi 5 mai 2011

The peonies have given place to the irises and other spring flowers...
Don't look too close at the weeds! the cleaning is in process...
The little garden created last year
A new rose bush bought yesterday
I love the colour and it has a delicate perfume, but I must find a place for it. I have plenty of work to do in the garden befoàre the end of the week, because it will be raining.

This morning I cooked the supper in order to visit your blogs tonight. A salmon tart with salad.
Some puff pastry, steamed salmon, 5 eggs, liquid low calorie cream, chives from the garden and parmesan, that's it. Quick and tasty! Good evening.

16 commentaires:

It's me a dit…

That salmon tart look so yammie !!...and what a beautiful garden pictures!!! ...lovely evening love

Pétales de fées a dit…

Des fleurs magnifiques ! Le coloris de ton iris me plait énormément !
Et la tarte au saumon .... j'adore ! Bonne soirée et bisous

Madelief a dit…

Dear Catherine,

Your garden looks a picture! I see we love the same flowers! My roses and foxgloves are not as far yet as they are in Normandy. They look really beautiful!!

Have a lovely weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief x

Squirrelhaus a dit…

Love your garden. My flowers are just starting to show their tiny shoots. We have a few tulips starting to bloom around town where the flowers are sheltered from the wind.....oh I can't wait!!!! I love your iris, the colors are fabulous!
Have a great week!
Chris :o)

Marie-Ange a dit…

Merci pour les jolies fleurs et la jolie recette ...

*Maristella* a dit…

Hi Catherine! Adorabilissimi questi fiori così antichi!!! Ricordano i fiori sulle vecchie cartoline, che meraviglia!
Un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

Bleudelavande a dit…

Ooohh Catherire ton jardin est tellement jolie!
J'adore tes pivoines!!!!
je te souhaite une très belle soirèe!!!!

Sylvia a dit…

You have a lovely garden, Catherine, beautiful flowers, those roses are gorgeous !
I know, those weeds are growing so fast :-(
The salmon tart looks delicious !
Nice evening,

helena frontini a dit…

Tu as de superbes fleurs dans ton jardin!

Leslie a dit…

Your garden looks beautiful Catherine. I just love the colors.
Have a great day

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

Oh my, your garden is looking beautiful. The lupins and the foxgloves are my favorites...I can grow foxgloves but not lupins ~ the color of that iris is simply yummy. And your new rose is so pretty...what is it's name?

Beatnheart a dit…

gosh Catherine...beautiful garden, yummy looking tart..great new look to your blog. You’ve been busy. Keep up the work....fantastic.

Matty a dit…

I showed this post to my wife. She is the gardener in the family, and she just loves those flowers.

And that salmon tart looks and sounds heavenly. Salmon is my favorite fish. Perhaps some quick mixing instructions?

BonjourRomance a dit…

Your garden looks beautiful Catherine. The Salmon tart will be on our table this weekend, thanks for sharing. Glad your son is settled and he is close by so yo can visit him often!
Bon weekend,

Blue Cottage a dit…

Hi hello,
I saw your message on my blog about the book, did I miss an email about the payment, please let my know.
Your garden looks very beautiful !!!
Have a nice weekend
regards from Holland

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Such beautiful fleurs!
Have a wonderful mothers day, chère Catherine xx