vendredi 20 mai 2011

It will be a nice sunny weekend. I have been working all day in the garden in order to relax in the garden tomorow. I treated the rose bush today, i think because of a dry weather they suffer from oidium, so i did my best on time i hope and i watered a little in the morning and i will in the evening ,because of a water restriction. I hope we will be allowed to do it otherwise my garden will be miserable and i will loose all my plants.
But we will see what happens. I wish i had a front porch  to sit in a rocking chair!
I need a bench under my weepingwillow
This year i could have a swimming pool! as it is not rainning, but we are not allowed to fill  them?
Well let us have lunch outside...
and a nap after lunch! Good week end!

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from my front porch... a dit…

Such lovely pictures, Catherine! Loved this. I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)
xo, misha
p.s. may i borrow the picture of the rocking chairs?

*Maristella* a dit…

Buonasera Catherine! Quante belle immagini, case meravigliose e luoghi speciali!!
Un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

Nancy a dit…

Enjoy your weekend in your garden. What treats did you give your plants? Just kidding. Love your blog and photos.

Marie-Ange a dit…

Merci de nous charmer avec tes belles images !
Je te souhaite un très joli week-end.

Jackie a dit…

I would like a gardener to get rid of all my weeds, but tomorrow it will be Phil and I out there doing it ourselves. I would like a tree in the garden for some shade.

We do have privacy, a nice patio set and a conservatory with a fan where we can sit if it is too hot outside.

Have a great weekend and lets hope we have some rain in Europe soon. Jackie in Surrey.x

Scrappy Grams a dit…

Les images sont magnifiques!

Leslie a dit…

Gorgeous pictures. You can have some of our rain, my yard is a swamp now.
Have a great weekend.

*Ulrike* a dit…

Wonderful pictures! I wish we had some rain too, but here in the south we have been dry for about 3 weeks unlike up north where they have had too much! I hope you have a wonderful relaxing day in the garden which is going to be my goal for the summer if I can get everything done!
Have a wonderful weekend!

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

Such magical garden spots. I am sorry that you have water restrictions that make it very hard on gardeners. Hope you get lots of rain this summer.

loveandlilac a dit…

It's definitely a day for pottering in the garden today. We have drought conditions her in the south of England, but no hose pipe ban yet. Enjoy a relaxing day. Louise x

Heidi a dit…

Hallo Catherine!
Oh, I missed you so much, and your beautiful pictures too!
We have very very dry weather too, I am in mountain now, and the grass is not green, is yellow/brown!
We are waiting for a couple of weeks of rain, maybe we can save something!
Have a nice week end!

Kris a dit…

I wonder how people would feel if they did not have rain for nearly 5years around these part of the country Baja Mexico..

Kris a dit…

I meant to also say -- wishing you to have a nice bit of rain to fill your pool -- and a rainbow to bright your day and me too -- wink!

polkadotpeticoat a dit…

enjoy I wish I could join you...bliss!

Rita a dit…

You have the nice weather; so happy for you, wish I could send you the rain we are getting.4

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Hello Catherine!
Wouldn't it be wonderful to have an in-ground pool! We have an above ground pool that we put up every summer. It's an 18 foot circle about 4 feet deep and is perfect for cooling off on our hot summer days here in Kansas. I'm still hoping for a farm pond with a dock and a weeping willow at one end...keeping my fingers crossed! I hope your weekend was a good one. Enjoy your week!
Maura :)

Pétales de fées a dit…

J'espère que ton week-end aura été aussi beau que tes photos et que tu auras pu profiter d'un repos bien mérité dans le parfum des roses.
Bonne semaine Catherine (nous avons pris le thé dans les jolis mugs... un plaisir!)

Cass @ That Old House a dit…

Oh Catherine, we have so much rain this year we could fill a swimming pool 10-times over!

We are swimming in rain.

I love that weeping willow bower -- such lovely pictures!

We are getting closer and closer to The Wedding, and I'm getting excited AND nervous!


Catharina Maria a dit…

Lovely flower photos !