mardi 5 avril 2011

I went to have a look at the garden this morning and the irises are growing fast! I have cut some rhubarb to make strawberry and rhubarb pie and some sorrel to eat with our salmon tonight.The Irises collage is from Giverny ( not from my garden!)
Last year we had a field of flax next to our garden? Ilove this light blue colour in the morning and the green colour in the evening. It is so beautiful, but this year we will have wheat. It is nice in summer when it has poppies in it.
This is my wisteria
My dream is to have one of these... a conservatory 
It's nice to have a view on the garden from your house.
My parents'house had one with a fireplace in it and had a view on the river Seine. I really enjoyed taking my lunch there and watching the boats on the river.

I would take my breakfast in it
With some fresh flowers from the garden
I love that one!
With a view on my garden (if my garden looked like Giverny!!!) that would be great!!!
A good place to read and dream...

That would be "A heaven of peace".

11 commentaires:

****Nannarè**** a dit…

beelissime des photos semblent des cadres Monet salut de baisers

Rosetta a dit…

Bellissimo post,pieno di colori e fiori!!!Rosetta

Gilda - Sweet sweet home a dit…

Je pense que d'avoir un jardin d'hiver est un rêve pour beaucoup d'entre nous.
Je voudrais un hiver giargino peu, avec quelques belles plantes où ils prendre le thé avec mes amis. bisous

Julie Harward a dit…

All these pictures are nothing but divine! I would love to have a conservatory too, what a pleasant place to spend time in. Loved all the flowers!!! ;D

It's me a dit…

Dream on!!

Heather a dit…

It all sounds so wonderful. I would love a conservatory as well! Beautiful photos!

Marie-Ange a dit…

Merci pour ces petits instants de bonheur !
Quel plaisir de regarder tes délicieuses images ...
Bisous de douce nuit

Silvia a dit…

Beautiful pictures, it's a colorful spring in your garden.Silvia

Sylvia a dit…

What a lovely post with all those flowers, Catherine !
Your wisteria looks beautiful, mine is beginning to bloom now.
They smell so nice !

June a dit…

Catherine this post is so full of beauty! How happy to come here and see all of this. I dream of a conservatory myself. It would be a wonderful place to take a nap and spend time in.
sending hugs

Daniela Cerri a dit…

My God is all poetic!!! MERAVIGLIOSO!!! kiss from italy!