samedi 2 avril 2011

Today , we decided to have lunch at the sea side with our children. We left early and met at the big market, we bought some cheese called" Neufchâtel" and some good bread... Then I went to my favorite antique shop to have a look and take pictures for you. I also went to do a little shopping for a blogger friend. Then we had lunch on the sea promenade, (outside) it was quite sunny at the bigining, but suddenly became cold and windy, we were absolutely freezing! but we were all together , that's what's important.
This is the shop i had to do a little shopping for a blogger friend. Nice isn't it? I alos have some myself and i like these roses very much.
This is at the antique shop
This is the teapot i showed you last week, but a better picture, I love it
This is the painting i like...
Three lovely chineese statues!
We had a nice day together! 
These are the highest cliffs in France
This "café" is just at the bottom of the cliffs

Maud using her new camera!
Romain breathing some fresh air before going back to Paris!
A picture from the pier, cold and fog everywhere!

14 commentaires:

Madelief a dit…

Dear Catherine,

It looks like a perfect day to go to the beach!

The stores look great. So much lovely things to see.

Lieve groet & happy weekend,


Erika Nagy Farkas Dudás a dit…

Catherine, buon week end!

Heidi a dit…

So many fabulous items to look at...and a sea side lunch how perfect!

Heidi a dit…

So many fabulous items to look at...and a sea side lunch how perfect!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

What a wonderful way to spend the day must have been so nice to spend time with all the family. I love the rose dishes and that teapot...very pretty. I can see why you like to shop at that antique shop...they have some wonderful things. That's too bad that the day turned chilly but at least you got some warm sunny weather when you first got there. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!
Maura :)

GardenofDaisies a dit…

Looks like you had a wonderful day out! I like that big copper pot sitting on the rush chair, and the little bird pitcher in the window

Marie-Ange a dit…

Quel bel inventaire !
Le tableau de roses me fait de l'oeil ...
Très beau dimanche.

Ann-Marie ~ Brambly a dit…

So many beautiful things! Photo after photo I saw more I loved-the bust, the wire front cabinet, the pictures, etc. It looks like a lovely day. Take care.


Pétales de fées a dit…

Oh lala Catherine ! Cette boutique ... me parle vraiment !!!! C'est donc là que tu trouves de si jolies tasses et théières ! Il y a de véritables trésors là dedans !!! Je suppose que cette vaisselle vient directement d'Angleterre par la mer !

Merci pour le shopping :)

Malgré le froid glacial vous avez dû vous régaler à prendre les embruns et le bon air du large ! Bisous et belle fin de dimanche !

Jackie a dit…

Did you buy the teapot this time Catherine? Lovely items in the antique shop.

Shame that the weather changed but lovely that you were together as a family so I am sure that warmed you all up!

Jackie in Surrey.

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

What a lovely shop and I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your children. It looks like you all had a wonderful day.

*Maristella* a dit…

Hi che meraviglia queste immagini!! Io amo l'antiquariato!!
Un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

Eva a dit…

Wow, love the cliffs!! Have a nice week dear Catherine

Julie Harward a dit…

I would love to spend a day doing all of that! Loved it and all the pretty things too. :D