mercredi 23 mars 2011

Yesterday, as i was not to well because of my fall, i worked with paper and I enjoyed it.
The big work was to cut between the cage bars.
Then , today i was fit enough to prepare  a buffet for my son in law's 30th's birthday.
I baked raspberries and white chocolate muffins( the recipe is on my other blog "les muffins de Catherine" , my daughter loves them.
and I baked some loaves ( here we call them "cakes")
"Chorizo loaf with parmesan"
"olives and parmesan"
"parma ham and Tomme de Savoie" french mountain cheese
"tomato mozzarella"
"Comté cheese and strip of bacon"
"Parmesan and wallnuts"
"saussage and nuts"
and i am starting the "banana and chocolate cakes"
I have two more to bake and some more muffins and cookies...But this will be tomorow, i need a rest for today!
and i made some "orange and whisky" jam, i found the recipe on the blog of:
Pétales de fées . Well I had better sit to rest now and bake the rest tomorow! A good evening to you. (i will put some recipes on my blog when i have finished baking, if you want one in particular please let me know.)

10 commentaires:

Suzy's Vintage Attic a dit…

Bonjour Catherine

I am sorry to read about your fall! Poor thing, I see it hasn't stopped you from being inspired and creating beautiful things.
I hope you are better soon.
Isabelle x

Rosetta a dit…

Catherine,ti auguro di stare meglio per la caduta.Sento odore di dolci e focacce.Sono belli e sicuramente buoni,ciao,ciao,Rosetta

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you dear Catherine for the
so nice buffet's pictures!
Bon appetit to the whole family!
Glad to hear that you are feeling better.
Have a blessed and lovely evening!

Genevieve and Alex

agapanto_67 a dit…

che bella foto piena di dolcezze. devono essere squisiti.

Soňa a dit…

Catherine to jsou skvělé obrázky a vše vypadá velmi dobře. Pečení je radost! Přeji krásné, barevné a radostné jaro. Soňa

BonjourRomance a dit…

Gla you are feeling better Catherine. Your buffet table looks delicious - a lucky SIL indeed. Now you rest and take it easy!
Are you enjoying all this sunshine! Happy Printemps,

Diane a dit…

Catherine, I'm so sorry to read that you fell but glad nothing is broken. I'll bet you are very sore! And sometimes the pain doesn't start right away so take good care.

What lovely baked goods you made. Oh my...a weakness....for anything baked! *sigh*

I love the birdcage too. Yes, very difficult cutting those thin bars. It looks like the knife didn't slip! Great job!!

Hugs, Diane

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

My goodness you have been very busy! All of the bakery items look fabulous. I like the paper collage; very pretty. Have a great time at the birthday celebration.

Heidi a dit…

Your buffet looked are you getting around after your tumble?

Liz a dit…

Your food looks lovely. Hope you are recovering from your fall.