mardi 22 mars 2011

First of all, thank you for your  "get well soon wishes" it's very kind of you  and nice to have friends! Basile is ok,  I am not too bad, nothing is broken! I just have to rest for a time, sit in the garden under the sun! yes, we have sun and it's nice to be able to sit outside!
Some paper dolls for  those who are interested and some nice decoration pictures from a shop i particularly like
 (from Amadeus)

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Fågel Blå a dit…

Lovely blog!!!!
And so lovely photos!

cuore antico a dit…

I'm glad you do not have much pain .. so you will rest in the sun.

Heidi a dit…

Well, sits in the sun with Basile...
Not too bad, i will say!
I'm sorry for your pain anyway! :-(
I love your pictures, thank you!

Rita a dit…

Happy to read you are ok; take time to enjoy the sun.

Heather a dit…

Glad to hear that you are ok! :)

Life In a Little House a dit…

Such pretty pictures!! Oh thank you for more paper dolls. My daughter cut them out yesterday and we made a very nice envelope for them. I think she is going to take some pictures of them and put them on her blog. I will let you know if she does. ~I hope your feeling better thank you again for the new paper dolls ~Wishing you a wonderful day Love Heather

Rosanna a dit…

What a wonderful shop! Wish I was there to see these wonderful things and of course buy something original. I've just found out you fell! Hope you are feeling better. Best wishes for a prompt healing and have a nice day!
hear from you soon

@nne a dit…

bon courage! @nne

Catherine a dit…

Hope your ankle is feeling better!

Enjoy relaxing in the sun! :)
xo Catherine

Astreor a dit…

Hello Catherine,

J'adore ton blog et comme toi, je suis fan d'AMADEUS. Je mets un lien sur mon blog avec le tien. Bises. ASTREOR