mercredi 16 février 2011

Hello friends!
Today, I made a mosaic of the village where I've spent my childhood and where my children stayed there  a few years. My grandfather and father were born in this village of  "La Bouille ", it's a charming little village , between ROUEN and HONFLEUR , by the river Seine on the abbey road.
Nowadays, this is a village  wellknown for it's  painters and restaurants. I love the "promenade " along the river, the narrow streets and the beautyful  typical Normand houses. It's church is dear to me, because this is the place I was baptised, had my Holy communion and was married.
This also is the birth place of the writer "Hector Malo" who wrote "En famille" and "Sans famille"it's house is the down left.
The little statue is "Saint Michel ", so is the mane of the square next to it.  Most of the  narrow streets are paved , the village beeing deep between the cliff and the river. You can see the cliff at the back of the little street second picture on left  and at the back of the picture of the square (top left) in fact the cliff is in the gardens very high above the houses. Well it's a place dear to me and there is a saying that when you have lived here you come back , most of my school friends came back to the village.
If you come to Normandy i warmly invite you yo stop there and have a look around this village, you may also cross with the ferry and have a better view of the village.( I will take a picture from across when the weather allows me)
(you may  double click on the picture to enlarge) I am improving from my flu, but still not too well! it's tiring) I wish you all a good day, Catherine

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Liz a dit…

Looks lovely! Sorry to hear that you are not feel better yet. Get well soon! Liz

BonjourRomance a dit…

Bonjour Catherine,
I love your photos from your childhood village. I am sure it has alot of sweet memories. I do hope you fell better soon. Lots of Vitamin C is good!
Take care,

Gilda a dit…

Je n'ai jamais été cette petite ville, mais je suis allé plusieurs fois dans ce domaine. J'aime à Honfleur,J'ai aussi acheté une belle peinture. En ce moment je ne me souviens pas le nom de l'artist. Félicitations pour vos images collage sont très belles. Un gros câlin

cuore antico a dit…

The photos from your childhood village are so romantic and beautiful...
Fantastic place.
I'm really sorry to hear that you caught the flu.

La Vie Quotidienne a dit…

What an enchanting pretty. You are very fortunate to have been able to grow up there, I can see why everyone returns.

Rita a dit…

My ancesters came from Normandy and many of the names you mention on your Blog today aand in the past seem to sound familar to me; I really think that is why I love to follow you.
Merci Catherine.

Kom Achterom a dit…

With this village i go back in time!
So romantic! Normandy is beautiful!
happy week

Life In a Little House a dit…

Looks like a lovely place to live. And wouldn't it be lovely to visit as well. ~Love your Mosaic ~have a wonderful day ~Love Heather

Anonyme a dit…

Thank You Catherine for the beautiful photos!
We hope that you will recover from the flu very soon.
Take good care of You!
Have a lovely and peaceful week!

Geneviève and Alex

Trets Welt a dit…

Danke Cathe,sind wunderschöne Fotos.Schlaft schön.Bussi.Luciene.