mardi 25 janvier 2011

What about a good apple pie?
Look at those beautiful apples with sugar!
We had some with tea on Sunday, when i  stop painting!
I love this machine, it saves time!
Do you remember this?
It became...
It's now that...
I have been painting a LOT...but yesterday after finishing the ceiling, i was just looking at it when...i spilt half of the paint on me on the floor... so i decided to stop for afew days ans start again with NEW paint! I must get some new one from the shop! I have a lots of work left!
As we don't have any flowers in the garden, let's have some in the house!
Have a good day, I will have a the ironing!!!

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Leslie a dit…

Good morning catherne. Yes, those apples look beautiful! I imagine that they made a yummy pie.
I love what you did with the shelf ~ very pretty.
My house is drab and dreary now.. I need to bring some flowers inside.
have a great day

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage a dit…

Good Morning Catherine...well good afternoon to you! Your apples look delicious...its funny to see your apple corer/peeler/slicer as I have the same one and used it last Wednesday to make Apple Crisp. Isn't it WONDERFUL! Oh I'm sorry to read about you spilling paint...I hope you were able to get it all cleaned up. Those photo's are beautiful and very cheery...exactly what we need at this time of year. I hope you were able to get all your ironing done and now you're sitting having a rest with a good cup of coffee and an apple slice. Enjoy your afternoon! Maura :)

Pétales de fées a dit…

Cette apple pie semble sucrée et goûteuse à souhait ! Ton petit meuble est beaucoup plus joli maintenant en blanc avec cet imprimé au fond ! Bravo miss !

Suzanne a dit…

The cabinet has become so beautiful!
I'm getting all inspired:)
The fabric is perfect, I wish I could-find something like that in the Netherlands.

Lovely post Catherine!
Your apple pie looks yummy,such clever machine you have.
I agree with you, at this time of the year its so nice to have some flowery fabrics in the house!

Good luck with the painting job!
I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

Heather a dit…

Mmm...the apples look delicious. I have an apple peeler too. It really makes peeling and cutting apples so much easier!

from my front porch... a dit…

I loved looking at every picture! Delightful to the eye on this grey, cold, rainy day :(
Have a wonderful day, Catherine!
xo, misha

Elisa2011 a dit…

Quanti bellissimii lavori, complimenti!

Heidi a dit…

Your shelf became beautiful, we can't recognize it!
Well, I love your apple pie too!
I buyed an apple peeler for my sister, some years ago, but I suspect she throwed it away, I never seen it in her house. What a pity.
Next time I will buy it for me!

It's me a dit…

What a beautiful spring colors.........lovely post !! love

Flat Creek Farm a dit…

Oh, Catherine, I've missed my visits to your beautiful blog. You are a fresh breath of Spring air... such beautiful photos! And yes, I have an 'apple machine' just like yours, only mine is green. It is wonderful. As my husband says to me, 'if it is so wonderful, then why don't you make more apple pies?' haha! -Tammy

Anita a dit…

The apples look so yummy!! And my mom has an apple peeler just like that. They always buy lots of apples and keep them in the cellar.

Deborah a dit…

Beautiful blog! Thank you/merci for visiting and following our blog.

June a dit…

Beautiful, beautiful images Catherine.
Oh how I loved the previous post with you and all your sweet pets. What a darling you were when you were little.

Aunt Amelia's Attic a dit…

Love the new Toile background in the precious cabinet!

But sigh... I'm having trouble with Commenting here. Perhaps you have too many things, trying to load on your page, each time a reader comes here.....?

Hugs and ♥'s...
'Cause Valentine Day is coming!

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